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why getting T-shaped is important for me

Being a designer with focus on IoT means bringing everything together in the best way like Software and Hardware, AI and users but also the team working with.

In my voluntary social year I worked at three festivals with different people, met people from around the globe and got new perspectives. As working student at BSH Home Appliances Group I got to know a different and interesting working life then in the research project at HfG Schwaebisch Gmuend before (feel free to have a look at my cv). I believe that learning is very important. Learning new technologies is as important as learning from other people in any way.

my try to get into UWP (Windows Apps) and C#

ScriptText is an super fast, simple and minimalistic texteditor while looking beautifully and lightweight. Made as simple as possible. With bigger font-size, reduced buttons and an smaller text-width, it should best to read and write .txt-files.

Written all by myself in C# (after recognising that JavaScript is not powerfull enough for Windows Apps) the code is visible on GitHub.

Get it from Microsoft Store for Windows 10 Desktop



Methods for user research not only are based on creating good content, like shadowing or observation, but also rely on their visual presentation to make everyone familiar with the topic, like personas and user journeys. In this example we made several interviews on groceries and peoples way of storing them. We were asking them about their homes, what systems and devies they use to store and how they behave when shopping. Personas and user journeys like this resulted out of this knowledge.

user journey

my website, this website

I am working this website, as my personal portfolio and to test web technology like html, css, JavaScript, jquery and php since spring 2017. I am also using git (GitHub) to work on, to learn this workflow, which helped me a lot. 65.000 additions and 35.000 deletions later I still cannot say if it will be finished sometimes.

You can have a look at the code and developement at GitHub or have a look at every commit made:

website git

professional short movie about a couple, their values and the meaning of christmas

After creating two short movies for the kikife I was part of the 'Ich hab dich auch lieb' short movie with film professionals. As director assistant and production assistant I had a lot of fun creating this short movie. It will be released this christmas

Film is a very interesting medium for communication, sharing information and easy user access and with that a good method for design.



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