quality based, sustainable investments

Sustainable Investing is growing and valuable

A growing interest in sustainable products within regular investment types can be noticed. New sustainable banks and green ETFs are coming to the fore and are continuously gaining public interest and recognition.
The trend towards sustainability in the financial and economic world certainly makes sense. Only companies that act sustainable can survive on the market in the long term and successfully protect the environment on which they depend. For investors, sustainability can be delivered as the outcome of the investment process alongside satisfactory, long-term investment returns

Key Features

incorporate enables individual sustainability definitions and requirements to be included in the search for an investment product. Using personalised and intelligent filters, private investors can tell the system their criteria and receive information about alternatives.
Different levels of detail offer investors the opportunity to deal with information according to their interests and experience.
A special feature of the solution is also the qualitative comparison of two alternatives in the defined filters. Strengths and weaknesses can thus be analysed more precisely.
In the monitor area the development of already purchased shares can be analysed. For this purpose, investors select filters about which they wish to be informed.

Personalized Ranking

The ranking of the results is based on the defined filters and is therefore not only more comprehensible, but also tailored to your requirements.


Discover flexible filters

There is a bunch of filters in different categories. Explore and simply choose what matters to you.


Performance Comparison

The comparison feature allows you to contrast alternatives in single filters or holistically. It is designed to support you in your decision making.

Just the right information

The app first gives you an overview. If you then wish to go deeper into specific points, you can find more information on the detail pages.


Transparency at it's core

All used data is easily accessible through the app. That way even deeper research can be fulfilled.


Sources & Disclaimer

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Have a look at the complete thesis for further information.


Ana Keser

Jan Schneider

Marcus Schoch


Bachelor thesis

at HfG Schwaebisch Gmuend

summer term 2020

Supervised by Prof. Hans Krämer and Prof. Jens Döring