Währungen App

shows currencies with focus on typographie

a information system with focus on the containing data

Main parts of the app are typography and layout, while being user-friendly and intuitive. The information system consists of a total of three information levels together. One level further in the app, always means you will get more detailed information of what you clicked before.

Währungen App

You start on the start screen and need to select the category. When there is additional information available it is visible by clicking in the middle of the bottom bar.

Depending on which one you have decided you want to get to know more about, the scroll to the left extends through the following levels.


Feel free to download my complete typography documentation to see my whole process.


Jan Schneider


Made during Typography

at HfG Schwaebisch Gmuend.

winter 2017/2018

Supervised by Prof. Daniel Utz.

© Jan Schneider 2019